Welcome from the Principal

Principal Frances Robertson

Principal’s Welcome

I extend a very warm welcome to you from our school community and hope that your relationship with St Patrick’s Parish School will be a rewarding one. This is a wonderful family school and I am confident that you and your children will find a ‘home’ here.

At St Patrick’s, you will discover a school community comprising dedicated staff, interested and involved parents, as well as students who are proud of their achievements and their school. We are well-resourced for learning. Most importantly, we have a shared vision to provide an environment where every child is valued and can experience success.

The school expresses the Catholic interpretation of life through its whole program. Therefore, St Patrick’s offers a comprehensive, innovative and flexible education, which encompasses the spiritual, academic, physical, social and emotional development of its students.We aim to fan the spark of imagination that will support a love of life-long learning and the pursuit of talents.We want to motivate students to learn, to discover and to apply their knowledge and skills. This is a place of learning.

Underpinning this commitment is a focus on the welfare and well-being of our students. To this end, we are focused on developing a safe and nurturing environment that supports the development of the whole child. This is a place of safety and belonging.

It is our aim to work with you, the parents and carers, to provide a quality learning and faith environment for your child. Your involvement in your child’s education, whenever possible, is beneficial for everyone and highly encouraged.

We look forward to working with you and sharing your child’s educational journey.

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Frances Robertson