Our Faith

School Prayer

Jesus, Good Shepherd teach us through your Spirit to walk the way of your light, to live your way of truth and, in all things, to act with love and compassion.

Help us to come to the Father by knowing you, loving you and serving you in each other.

May our school be a place of wonder, learning and peace where the lessons of today prepare us for the challenges of tomorrow.

May our Mother, Mary guide our footsteps as she guided yours.

This prayer we make in faith.



Prayer is an integral part of the school day - in class, at daily assembly and during special assemblies at each campus and whole school activities. Staff meet once per week for morning prayer at each campus. Our inclusion of various forms of prayer and meditative practices, including Christian meditation on an individual and class basis, is proving to be most beneficial in enhancing our spiritual connectedness.

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Faith Development Programs K-10

Students and staff have various opportunities to participate in activities which promote and enhance their faith development. These include:

  • Various retreat days and sessions from K-10 with a focus on social justice and faith formation.
  • School-based sacramental program, including a Sacramental Retreat day.
  • Visits and Youth Ministry workshops coordinated by the Catholic Youth Ministry team.
  • Staff Spirituality Day – a one day spirituality focus.
  • Parish Masses, liturgies and prayer meetings.

Sacramental Programs 

Our Sacramental program is school-based and is coordinated in collaboration between the Parish Priest, Religious Education Coordinator, classroom teachers and families. First Reconciliation (Year 3) usually takes place in Term 2, First Holy Communion (Year 3) and Confirmation (Year 6) usually take place in Term 2 or 3. All students take part in the lessons within the classroom, developing a deep understanding of the sacraments.

Community Service and Outreach

Students are encouraged through Religious Education and other classes to be involved in various community outreach and social justice activities such as supporting Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion Lenten Appeal and various St Vincent de Paul initiatives such as the Winter and Christmas Appeals. Students also create cards for housebound parishioners, visit our local aged-care facilities and our senior students take part in our pre-school reading program, allowing them to make meaningful connections with people of all ages in our community. The Archdiocesan Youth Ministry Team is also available to assist with reflection days at the school.

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