Discover a School with Altitude

St Patrick's is a school that looks forward. A school where we can hold our heads high, where we can be proud and confident in ourselves and in each other. A 'School with Altitude' has students and teachers who believe that anything is possible. Our passionate students and teachers know they can take risks and learn in new and exciting ways. 

We are an inclusive school where relationships and a strong sense of community are central to learning and being. We are a school where students not only develop their unique gifts but are also genuinely affirmed and respected by others. God is with us, around us and always walking with us. Read more.

Welcome from the Principal

Synopsis of the school

Welcome to a virtual tour of our Secondary Campus

Our Mission 

  • We share the Good News of Jesus Christ and promote the Kingdom of God and its values, reflecting a spirit of Strength in Gentleness.
  • We endeavour to treat each person with gentleness, dignity and respect, realising each of us is made in the image of our loving God.
  • We strive to challenge each other to become independent, creative co‑learners through a self-disciplined search for academic, emotional, physical and spiritual fulfilment.
  • We aim to develop each person's unique gifts and talents so that our community and world can become a better place.

We live out our mission through our House System, Religious Education, school prayer, community participation and outreach, learning beliefs, school expectations, our Learning Community, pastoral care, home learning,  school uniform and extra-curricular activities.

School Expectations

At St Patrick's we have high expecations of student learning, safety and belonging. Read more.

Meet Our Staff

Back row: Kellie Summerville, Luaun Aldous, Melinda Barrett, Katrina Joyce, Glenyce Moxon, Bernadetter Moser, Lou Mackay, Amanda Harris
Middle row: Mary-Ann Fraser, Rebecca Hain, Pip Daley, Kirsten Queck, Lisa Haines, Suzanne Stacey, Belinda Wilkins, Heidi Kelly, Emma Hill, Tim Lawley, Steve Summerville, Mike Introna
Front row: Kerrie Harris, Stef Cook, Miesje Blumer, Fr Mick, Kath Kovacs, Frances Robertson, Steve Joyce, Angie Introna, Greg Rick, Giovanna Davies, Sarah Hamilton, Jolanta Zieja
Other staff not present on the day: Don Southwell, Dan Marks, Pam Fletcher, Rachel Dibley, Emma Kanowski & Alex Wood.