House System

One of the many exciting aspects of our school now being combined around the one site adjacent to the church has been the opportunity to develop a new House system that embraces the whole school. Much deliberation went into the structure of the House system, with students being surveyed in 2009 and the staff spending much time developing the concepts. 

Our new House system which commenced in 2010 was an opportunity to recognize that in every minute of every day we are in relationship: relationship with one another, relationship with nature, and relationship with God. With this comes the recognition of responsibility and connectedness.

The overwhelming support for House names connected with the basic elements of earth, water, wind and fire has been enhanced by using the Latin names for these elements which our students have taken to very readily. They are also reflected in the words of our Gospels.

AQUA (Water) – blue. 

Water is associated with life, cleansing, love. It is a sign of powerful renewal. Water has the power to cleanse and heal; it is vital for life.

“Jesus you are living water.”

IGNIS (Fire) – red. 

Fire is associated with the sun, a flame, light, warmth. Fire is energy, a vital spark. With its light we are given the power to see far, with vision and boldness.

“Jesus you are the light of the world”.

TERRA (Earth) – green.

Earth is associated with creation, power and nurturing. It is a powerful sign of security. Earth is associated with growth, creation and endurance.

“Jesus you are the bread of life”.

CAELUM (Wind/Air) – yellow/gold.

Air is a powerful sign of the spirit. Air gives life and strength. Each breath we take is life; the movement of air brings challenge and change.

“Jesus you are the Word of God.”

The House system has been broadened significantly and encompasses cultural elements and extra-curricular involvement (public speaking, debating, competitions, performance, community service, etc) as well as traditional sporting competition. Interaction across Kindergarten to Year 10 is a key part of the functioning of the House system.