Extra Curricular


The interpretation of the word ‘cultural’ is very broad and certainly may include elements of academic challenge as well. St Patrick’s students are given significant opportunities to develop their talents in a broad range of cultural areas. We try to ensure there is equal gender representation, regardless of the activity, at the same time as encouraging students to participate and contribute ideas for their own benefit and that of their peers. Many activities have representatives across a number of age groups. Some of the cultural activities are explained below.

Tournament of Minds

Teams of 6 students are required to solve problems which involve lateral thinking in the fields of Science/Engineering, Humanities, Language/Literature and Technology. Their solutions are presented at the Australian National University to a wide audience and teams have the chance to progress through a range of levels. In 2011 our Secondary Applied Technology team was successful in reaching the Australasian Pacific Finals which were held in October in Hobart. They competed against teams from each Australian state as well as teams from Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand.




School Productions

These present opportunities for students to display a variety of their talents from acting, dancing, singing, set construction, lighting, sound, music and make up. Recent school productions include:

Debating/Public Speaking

Students are encouraged to involve themselves in these areas as an extension of their classroom curriculum. Public speaking and debating competitions are held across the southern section of the Archdiocese for Stage 2 and Stage 3 students. At secondary level there are competitions available within our local region, through to competition at regional level for teams up to Year 10. This may involve travel to Canberra to compete against ACT schools on a regular basis. Again St Patrick’s students have had considerable success at debating and public speaking, right through to state level.

Art Competitions

Involvement in regional and state competitions is a keynote of the visual arts at St Patrick’s. From cartoon and caricature competitions to events such as the Jindabyne Art Festival we have had excellent representation over recent times. The inaugural St Patrick's Art Show in 2011 was an excellent showcase for student artistic talent.

Writing / Poetry Competitions

St Patrick’s students are regular and successful contributors to the Feast of Poetry competition, representing all ages. Our students often perform their poems in public and many have been subsequently published in the Feast of Poetry booklet.

Choir and Performance Groups

Students with an ability and/or interest in Music are able to participate in the choir or performance groups ranging from the K-2 Campus up to Secondary. The Primary Choir performs at a range of public occasions, including Masses/liturgies, and the Secondary Performance Group is involved in presentations at school, church and community functions. 

Students are able to undertake private tuition from externally sanctioned  providers during the school day at mutually convenient times.

Mock Trial

This is a state-wide competition involving Year 10 and 11 students where they act out criminal and civil cases in a courtroom against other schools. The students assume roles of barristers, solicitor, witnesses and court officials and they are presided over by a Magistrate.

Chess Competitions

University of NSW ICT Competition


These areas of extra-curricular opportunity are often voluntary; however, there may be occasions where a class group is entered in a particular competition to enhance the academic experience of the whole group. Some examples of academic extension include the following.


Opportunities abound for students in a regional area such as ours to participate in a wide range of sporting competitions and events throughout the year. These competitions may be entered on an individual basis or, as is often the case, as a team entry with like-minded peers. Within the Archdiocese students have the chance to progress through from local to regional to state and ultimately to national level in a number of disciplines. The support of parents in transporting and encouraging students at all levels in their extra-curricular activities is gratefully acknowledged. Sporting experiences on offer in recent years include: