School Initiatives

St Patrick's is a dynamic educational environment which responds to the many and varied needs of 21st Century learning. The initiatives embedded in school life may target particular students, groups of students or classes.

Examples include the Accelerated Reading Program which involves students in Years 7, 8 and 9 which aims to develop a sustainable culture of reading at the same time that it improves student comprehension skills. In 2012 this will be complemented by the online Spellodrome program which will provide a dynamic opportunity for students to improve their spelling proficiency. We are in the process of developing the Primary Connections Science program and this should allow unique opportunities in a central school for the familiarisation with the laboratory environment by Primary students. All students Kindergarten to Year 6 study French and Music, both widely recognised opportunities to enhance their cognitive development.


The enrichment of teaching and learning must involve teacher professional development and throughout 2011 teaching staff were involved in intensive workshop sessions in First Steps - Reading, Tactical Teaching, Understanding by Design, the Gradual Release of Responsibility as well as further embedding the Quality Teaching Framework in practice.


Set out under School Initiatives are the many ways in which students may strive to achieve their full potential and reflect our vision statement of a 'School with Altitude'.