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Medical History Form

Staff emails 2018

Term 2 Canteen Menu 2018

BOYD Device Specifications

Interschools 2018

ACT Mountain Bike note 2018

NSW XC Interschools


Letters to Parents

St Patrick's Uniform

School Bags 

2018 Fees Schedule

Fee Payment method

A guide to important information for families

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Stationery Lists

K-6 Stationery List

Additional Costs 2016

Kindergarten to Year 6

Letters to Parents

8yrs Swim Note

Yrs 3-6 Swim Note

Stage One Swim Note

Southern Region Swim Note

Infants Swim Carnival

Harry Nichols Shield

Winter Trials Primary

Primary Soccer Carnival

Primary Cross Country note

8 Yr old Cross Country note

Harry Nichols Shield Final note

K-6 Basketball

Primary Athletics 

Year 2 letter Athletics

da Vinci Decathlon

Southern Region XC Primary

Primary Snowsports 2018

K-2 Skiing 2018

SR Athletics Note

K-2 Ski note final instructions

Primary Ski final note

Archdiocesan Athletics Primary

Snowy Hydro Year 3

Bournda Yr 5

Yr 6 Cooba note 2018

Swim Payment Note K-6



Stationery Lists

Year 7 - 8 Stationery List

Year 9 - 10 Stationery List

Yr 9 & 10 Science Challenge

Yr 7-10 Swimming Carnival Note

Brumbies Rugby 2018

Secondary Archdiocesan Swimming

Bunnings BBQ help

Yr 8 Surf skills note

PASS surf note

PASS Gym note

Secondary Athletics

Sec Arch X/C

Archdiocesan Basketball

Rugby Union Trials

Yr 9 Sport & Rec

Secondary Snowsports 2018

TOM Expression of interest 2018

League Tag Note

Term 4 Assessment tasks


Additional Costs 2016

Yr 7-10 Additional costs


Letters to Parents

Yr 7 Kianinny Camp Note 

Yr 9 & 10 Fundraising Bunnings BBQ

AFL coaching note


Interesting Articles for Parents

Is you family missing out on the benefits of being active every day?

9 on 10 Australian young people don't move enough.

Does your child get 60 minutes of physical activity every day?

More than half of all Australian adults are not active enough.