Secondary Sport

St Patrick's Parish School offers a range of sports during the school week. In the Secondary Campus, sport is integrated into the PDHPE curriculum.  This allows all students to be taught by PDHPE specialist teachers with an emphasis being placed on skill development, physical coordination and general fitness. This integrated model was introduced in 2011 and has produced significant student benefits in these targeted areas. Students learn a variety of skills in many different sports to meet requirements for the Board of Studies PDHPE curriculum.  Students must wear the correct uniform for each activity. The Board of Studies requires that students in Years 7-10 must have a satisfactory attendance and participation in the school physical education and integrated sports programs. 


In the winter term students are able to participate in our school Snowsports Program which encompasses both skiing and snowboarding over consecutive weeks. Tuition is available for beginners and all students are required to participate in structured lessons provided by the ski resort. The program not only develops their skills at snowsports, but enhances their coordination, independence and resilience in a unique alpine setting.

Students are encouraged to participate in all school sporting carnivals with a view to participating in the major Archdiocesan sporting carnivals. This gives the opportunity for talented children to reach state or even national level in a variety of sports.

Our new House system, implemented in 2010, fosters a spirit of cooperation and support right across the whole school and has broadened its base from sporting activities alone to include cultural and academic pursuits as well. Students are assigned to a House on enrolment; family members are all in the same House. More details of the House system can be found under the School Initiatives link.

Parents are encouraged to attend school and regional carnivals and, where possible, to participate in the running of these events. The main school sporting carnivals are Athletics and Swimming.